Honda Miimo HRM40 Robotic Lawnmower

Honda Miimo HRM40 Robotic Lawnmower

Honda’s Miimo HRM40 is a robotic mower for the smaller lawn which will give you a perfectly cut lawn without even having to get a mower out of the shed. A Honda Miimo does not mind if it is sunny or raining, whether you are at work, out shopping or asleep, it will just get on and mow your lawn.

Installation is very simple thanks to the Map & Mow facility. Through a simple set up process, the Miimo HRM40 will map your lawn’s layout, calculate its size and create a mowing calendar. Once mowing is underway, the battery charge is monitored and when the battery is running low, the Miimo HRM40 will automatically return to its docking station to recharge. When charging is complete, the mower returns to work from where it was last cutting.

You will have complete control over the times that your Miimo operates. Maybe you don’t want the mower cutting at night or when your children want to play on the lawn. No problem, just set the operating times accordingly. If you prefer night time cutting, that’s fine too. The Miimo HRM40 is very quiet so you and your neighbours can get a good night’s sleep whilst your lawn is being cut.

The Honda Miimo HRM40 is suitable for lawns of up to 400 square metres with maximum slopes of 27% within the cutting area and 15% at the edges. Many robot mowers cut in completely random patterns but the Miimo HRM40 cuts systematically in five-meter strips for improved efficiency.

A feature called Place & Mow allows you to place your mower into areas where it hasn’t been able to reach automatically. For example, if you have an area on your lawn for garden furniture, you can move the furniture, place your Miimo and return your furniture to its place when the mowing is done.

Part of the installation process is to lay a boundary wire around the perimeter of your lawn and around any internal obstacles such as flower beds or a pond. You can either bury the boundary wire or peg it to the surface of the lawn. If pegged to the surface, the grass will soon grow around the wire and it will disappear from sight. If there are any obstacles that the mower can cut right up to (trees for example), just ignore them when laying the boundary wire because the mower will easily negotiate the obstacle to continue mowing. A 125 metre roll of boundary wire and 180 pegs are supplied with this mower.

The boundary wire keeps the mower on your lawn. When the mower approaches the boundary it will sense the wire and turn back towards your lawn to continue cutting. Thanks to the way the cutting pattern works, all of the grass gets cut, even tight corners, and there are no wheel markings left in the lawn.

Because robotic mowers cut the grass regularly, the grass clippings are tiny. The grass hardly has time to grow before it is being cut again so the grass is less stressed by the cutting and the tiny clippings just disappear back into your lawn. Less stress and free nutrients make for a greener and healthier lawn.

You’ll soon find that your Honda Miimo is one of the family and you’ll probably give it a name too!

Product Specification

Manufacturer:   Honda
Model:   Miimo HRM40
Category:   Robotic Lawnmower
Lawn Size:   Up to 400 square metres
Cutting Capacity :   Up to 29 square metres per hour
Maximum Slope:   27% inside, 15% at edges
Cutting Width:   19cm
Cutting Heights:   30-50mm
Battery:   18 volt, 2.5Ah lithium ion
Noise Level:   63dB(A) guaranteed
Weight:   8.0kg
Weather Sensor:   No
Warranty:   5 years in domestic use
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