John Deere 48” / 122cm Accel Deep Cutter Deck

John Deere 48” / 122cm Accel Deep Cutter Deck
John Deere

The John Deere 48” (122cm) Accel Deep mower deck is a stamped-steel side discharge cutter deck for fitment to various John Deere lawn tractor power units. This deck is deep and has a flat-top design that delivers excellent cut quality, productivity, durability and versatility.

The 48” (122cm) Accel Deep mower deck gives optimal cutting performance and dispersion of clippings even at faster mowing speeds.

A cutter deck depth of 4.83” (12.3cm) throughout the entire deck shell gives optimum mowing, mulching and collection performance (optional mulch kit required for mulching and optional collector required for collection).

The stamped-steel design of this Accel Deep mower deck eliminates sharp edges and corners where material might otherwise build up and diminish mowing performance.

Adjustable anti-scalp wheels are fitted to this deck to allow the cutter deck to follow the contours of your lawn and minimise scalping.

When the mowing is done, the handy wash port allows you to clean the underside of the cutter deck from the comfort of your seat. Simply connect your hose, turn on the water and then engage the blades to clean out grass clippings from inside the deck.

Product Features

  Wash Port

The integrated wash port is an easy and convenient way to keep your cutter deck clean.

  Anti-scalp wheels

Anti-scalp wheels help the cutter deck to follow the contours of the ground to minimise scalping.

Product Specification

Manufacturer:   John Deere
Model:   5379M Accel Deep Cutter Deck
Cutting Width:   48"/122cm
Cutting Heights:   25-102mm
Grass Collector:   Optional
Machine Warranty:   See power unit
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