John Deere Z345R Zero-Turn Mower

John Deere Z345R Zero-Turn Mower
John Deere

Zero-turn grass cutting is some of the fastest grass cutting you can do. As the name suggests, you can turn on the spot with a zero turning circle which means very high manoeuvrability and minimal time is wasted negotiating obstacles in your lawn. Combined with powerful engines, even the toughest grass cutting conditions can be tackled more quickly with a zero-turn mower than a traditional ride-on mower.

The John Deere Z345R zero-turn mower has a 42” (107cm) width of cut and is built around a heavy-duty frame for strength and durability. Power is provided by a reliable 19.7hp (at 3050 rpm) overhead valve twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine with pressure lubrication. A 7.9 litre fuel tank ensures plenty of cutting before you need to stop and refill. When you do need to refuel, a big diameter filler cap makes topping up with petrol a simple job. 

The John Deere Z345R features large wheels for a smooth ride over rough terrain and better traction in damp conditions. The roomy operator’s platform gives plenty of leg room for the taller operator, is easy to get on and off and offers excellent visibility of the both sides of the cutter deck.

The height of cut is adjusted in 6mm increments with a hand control or foot control. Once the height of cut is set, the cutter deck can be lifted and returned to the set height of cut with ease.

The blades are engaged at the touch of a button. Once cut, the grass is discharged to the side of the mower through the large opening but if you would prefer to mulch or collect, a mulch kit and/or collector are available as optional extras.

Forward and reverse travel is controlled by two comfortable and easy to operate premium levers, each controlling a hydrostatic drive on the left or right side of the mower. These levers give you maximum control over the mower’s speed and direction. The harder you push the levers forward, the faster the mower drives forward. The harder you pull the levers back, the faster the mower reverses. Turning is accomplished by pushing and pulling each lever at different rates.

Customers often worry about being able to steer a zero-turn mower. The lack of a steering wheel seems daunting. Think of steering a zero-turn mower as being similar to steering a shopping trolley. To turn left simply pull back with your left hand and push with your right hand. To turn right simply pull back with your right hand and push with your left hand. It really is that simple.

The drive levers feature a shock absorber system to ensure smoother operation over bumpy ground. Should you wish to accommodate different operators, the drive levers offer two different height settings and nine different angles giving a total of eighteen possible positions ensuring that all operators can find a comfortable position for the levers.

Comfort comes as standard on the Z345R with the perfect sitting position, seat suspension, medium back seat with arm rests and all of the controls within easy reach of the operator.

Access to serviceable areas is very easy and John Deere have even thought to incorporate handy tie down points to make it easy to safely secure the mower during transportation. When it comes to servicing and after-sales support, John Deere have one of the best support networks in the country so you can be sure of prompt attention to any service and after-sales support needs.

Product Specification

Manufacturer:   John Deere
Model:   Z345R
Cutting Width:   42"/107cm
Key Start:   Yes
Drive :   Hydrostatic
Cutting Heights:   25-102mm
Grass Collector:   Optional
Engine:   Briggs & Stratton V Twin 14.7kW @ 3050 rpm
Dimensions L x W x H:   185cm x 128cm x 102cm
Weight:   239kg
Machine Warranty:   2 years in domestic use
Engine Warranty:   2 years in domestic use
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